A programme that is unique to you

We are not all pro-athetes. We have stuff on. I like to understand what makes up the “jigsaw puzzle” that is your life, and therefore design a programme that is unique to you. After a process of analysis I design your personalised training programme from scratch, which is genuinely tailored to you, your sporting background, work and family commitments, health, injury history, and your goals. If you would like further details on how my coaching works, and the ongoing support you can expect, please get in touch via the contact page. 

Spaces are limited to ensure quality. My coaching approach is quality, not quantity.

Targeted Training

If you have a particular target race in mind, please contact me at least sixteen weeks prior – running to your potential takes time. Progression of training load (both volume and intensity) needs to fit with your goal AND be done at a very gradual pace that does not increase the risk of injury or over-training and illness. There is a minimum sign up period of sixteen weeks (note, the initial financial commitment is for the first training block which will be five weeks in advance, rather than sixteen weeks payment all at once).

What is the cost?

The cost of coaching is $50 per week. This price also includes physiotherapy advice. The initial payment is $250 (5 weeks x $50) for your first block in advance. After that, payment for those in New Zealand, is in advance, via automatic payment (weekly, fortnightly or if you prefer, three or four weekly in advance – whichever time frame suits you best). For those living in any country other than New Zealand, payment is four or eight weekly in advance, via Paypal.